Strawberry Pie

I love strawberries. They are the epitome of summer for me, and when they are in season I can’t get enough. I must confess that I have probably eaten a kilo of them in three days. That is a lot of servings of fruit! Most of that kilo have been devoured in the form of strawberry pie. I got the recipe from How Sweet Eats and instead of making individual pies, i made one large one.


To begin, roughly chop 1 kilogram of the sweetest and most flavoursome strawberries you can find and place them in a baking dish. Sprinkle over 1 T flour, 2 T sugar and a pinch of salt then mix to coat all of the strawberries.


Roll out some puff pastry and place over the baking dish. Coat this with an egg wash (1 lightly beaten egg) and place into a 200 degree C oven for about 30 minutes. Don’t stray too far from the kitchen as the top layer of the pastry can brown quite quickly. Alternatively you can cook the pastry and strawberries separately, but I only have one rack in my oven (terrible right?!) so I took the risk and cooked them together and was still happy with the results (translation – this did not last 24 hours in our house…..)

pie before

pie cookedThis dish is ideal to make now, while strawberries are reasonably priced, or if you are lucky enough to have a bountiful strawberry crop!

pie served

Happy Sunday everyone,



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