Nacho Night

I was lucky enough to spend my Tuesday night catching up with some friends who I had not seen for nearly a year! A great evening was spent chatting and laughing and of couse enjoying some tasty food.

I had about an hour to put everything together. For starters I went with a snack board: cheese, crackers, hummus, beer sticks and nuts. A nice way to get things started.

photo 5

The main course was nachos, one of my favourite dinners. I served it up ‘help yourself’ style, with guacamole, sour cream and grated mozarella for toppings.

photo 3

I used chipotle sauce in the nachos (as well as onion, chili, garlic, mince, capsicums, a jar of pasta sauce, a can of beans and some secret herbs and spices) and I was really happy with how the end flavour turned out. There was also leftovers which will make for a quick and easy dinner tonight!

photo 2

To finish off the meal I served a dessert platter which had chocolate covered prunes, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate strawberries (courtesy of the bulk bins at New World) and my home made chocolate truffles (AKA chocolate balls of goodness…..). There was also some fresh pineapple on the side which helped balance out the rich chocolate items.


All in all it was a great meal, made even better by having fantastic friends to share it with. I am looking forward to many more dinners throughout the holiday season.

What do you like to serve when you have guests?

Have a great rest of the week,



5 thoughts on “Nacho Night

  1. Ange

    An AMAZING meal it was!!! Love hanging with ya all……but think I have seen you in the past year 😉 you are such a great chef, cant wait for the next invite XO

  2. Barb Smiley

    Never would have thought to cover prunes in chocolate but both me and my hubby love prunes and I am addicted to dark chocolate so we tried them tonight. Amazing!


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