Weekend Baking Round-Up

I have had a brief hiatus from baking lately. I am attributing this to the fact that we have had an amazing summer here in Taranaki which means my kitchen is always super hot – too hot for baking really!

I have been missing it though, and took inspiration from some of my favourite bloggers to get back in to it.

This weekend I have made, devoured and enjoyed:

Strawberry oatmeal bars, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman; (http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2013/02/strawberry-oatmeal-bars/)

strawberry bars 10.3.13

These were so simple to make and absolutely delicious! I used strawberry jam I had purchased for a berry orchard and it was divine!

A giant chocolate chip cookie, from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Mine was no where near as pretty as Sally’s but tasted really good, nice and soft and chocolatey! (http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2013/02/13/1-xxl-death-by-chocolate-cookie/)

giant choc cookie 10.3.13

I came across a recipe for these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies which were so simple to whip up, and turned out pretty tasty. I’m not sure where I sourced the recipe from but may post it at some point as I have a feeling these cookies will find their way into the regular baking rotation!

Peanut butter and choc chip cookies 11.3.13

I also pulled out one of my favourite recipes from the Marian Keyes cook book (Saved by Cake) – chocolate cheesecake cupcakes which I plan on serving for dessert tonight with a berry sauce that I am about to make!

chocolate cheesecake cupcakes after 11.3.13

Also worth sharing, are these carrot, bran and sultana muffins my mums partner (a.k.a my baking assistant for the day!) whipped up this morning! They were delicious, super healthy too 🙂

johns muffins 11.3.13

Thankfully I have balanced out these delicious treats with a few good workouts over the weekend, which has been a long one thanks to Taranaki Anniversay Day. It is so nice to have an extra day off to relax and enjoy the sunny weather!

I am planning on posting something special for my next post – courtesy of Nigellas latest cookbook (Nigellissima). It’s on the menu for dinner tonight, and involves copious amounts of potato gnocchi and marscapone cheese……..

Have a great week everyone,



2 thoughts on “Weekend Baking Round-Up

  1. Sally

    SO glad you made the giant chocolate cookie! I love that thing. 🙂 Such a great recipe. Those strawberry oatmeal bars look divine, I need to make something like that!


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