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Coffee Frozen Yoghurt

I like to think I have pretty good self control when it comes to eating. I try to follow the “everything in moderation” theory and usually have no problem resisting the treats in my pantry when I am making meals.  Except when it comes to icecream (and crackers).  I cannot have icecream in my house. It will get eaten, and not slowly over an extended period of time. I’ll have a spoonful for breakfast as my toast is toasting. As I’m cooking dinner, why not have a scoop?? And another for dessert.  Within days a tub is gone and I am left vowing that next time I will ration my icecream and not be such a maniac. It never works.

Last Christmas when I saw an icecream maker for sale, I was powerless. It attaches to the mixer I already own! And I can make ANY flavour I want! Even the flavours I can’t get in New Zealand (like the glorious orange and licorice tiger stripe icecream)!

And then I found out the great David Lebovitz has an icecream cookbook. And I figured there is no point in having an icecream maker, without the perfect cookbook to go with it.










This recipe is my favourite that I have tried so far. And because it is a frozen yoghurt I can pretend it is healthy as I am sneaking spoonfuls while I’m waiting for my toast to toast tomorrow morning.


Coffee Frozen Yoghurt
(from David Lebovitz’s Perfect Scoop)
Makes 1 litre of Icecream

1 cup plain whole milk yoghurt (I used greek)
¾ cup sugar
Pinch of salt
¾ cup cream
1 cup brewed espresso, cooled to room temperature
¼ teaspoon ground dark roast coffee

Whisk everything together in a bowl . Chill for a minimum of 2 hours (I find overnight gives the strongest coffee flavour). Then churn it following your icecream maker’s instructions.

Dangerously easy.

Cheers, Rosie 🙂